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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Change Face of Infinite QE

Additional funds to the IMF represent the change face of QE to infinity.  The flow of money through the IMF and Fed behind the scenes supports thesis that's it's not a matter of if, but when Spain will be bailed out.  Ever wonder why the invisible hand, often showing its cards in plain view, is working so hard to cover its heavy short position as window of opportunity for the D-wave decline closes in gold and silver?

Headline: IMF inches toward deal on boosting bailout funds

WASHINGTON  (Reuters) - The International Monetary Fund appeared to be inching toward a deal on increasing its financial firepower on Tuesday, with Japan, Sweden and Denmark committing a total of $77 billion to help contain the euro zone's debt crisis. The pledges were made ahead of meetings of global finance chiefs in Washington this week that will focus on additional funds for the IMF, an issue that has taken on fresh urgency, given a jump in borrowing costs in Spain and Italy this week. Their renewed borrowing woes have reignited fears that the euro-zone crisis is about to flare again. While a deal may not be fully fleshed out by the time the meetings wrap up on Saturday, it is possible that the G20 developed and emerging nations could agree on the amount of funds needed and leave it to a leaders' summit in Mexico in June to hammer out details. In an interview with Reuters, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble played down concerns that Spain could be the next euro-zone country to seek a bailout. He expressed optimism that the G20 will increase IMF resources by $400 billion by the time the meetings conclude.



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